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Said "My name is Carlos Palominos and I work with Linguisitca International we are a translating agency and we found your resume online and I see that you speak Spanish. We are currently looking for people who speak Spanish to assist the Spanish speaking community in Utah. As an interpreter for us you would be an independent contractor meaning you don’t have a set schedule or hours, it’s an on-call position. The amount of appointments you receive is based on our clients.The majority of our clients give prior notification of upcoming appointments but occasionally we get last minute requests. Since you are an independent contractor you are not obligated to take the assignments but we do ask for some dedication on your end. We pay by the the hour for onsite appointments. Is this something you are interested in doing? Great we are located in Utah so our trainings and orientations here in Utah. We have two trainings daily. If you are interested please contact me at" to Marco lopez
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