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Said "Hello love your work. How do I get started I like taking pictures of nature." to Derek Cook
Over 30 days ago -
Derek Cook - Over 30 days ago
Hello Sharon, Thanks on the work.

When photographing nature the main two things for me is planning and patience. When shooting scapes I like to know where the sun will be at a certain time, when the moon is coming up and whether the tide is in or out. Then wait for the wind to die down or come up, wait for that bird to come into the scene or that plane to move out of the scene.

The best advice I can give to learning to photograph animals is to get down to your local zoo or undersea world as there is a wealth of subjects there. Planning and patience is used again. When is feeding time?, When is there a show on? When will the light be best? Wait again for that right pose, for some playful interaction or when the animals are in the perfect position.

Learning how to compose and use the camera functions will come. Study other great photographs and work why they work for you.

Good luck with it and have fun. I look forward to seeing your shots
Sharon McCoy - Over 30 days ago
Thank you for your help.