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Chris Ellis - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hi, this is Chris Ellis. I recently started to handle a group of individual developers. Our developers support website and mobile software applications for individual clients, startups or enterprise companies from the U.S. Our developers live in the U.S, but originally from Europe and Asia. But they don’t have a native English speaking level. So we have a big bottleneck during the interview with the clients for their projects. We need someone to talk natively in English instead of our members. So your role is to do the call with clients by using our team member's name, their skills, and experiences. This is not a representative position. You should "pretend" like him during the interview only. You will need to record the interview, we will compensate for your service based on interview hours. The hourly rate is $50/hr and payment terms will be weekly basis. Payment method will be PayPal or Payoneer. Please feel free to message me. My email is" to Joe Danielson
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Chow Wing Kin - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hi, I am looking for an expert to write a program (crack captcha bot) for me. I am not an IT guy, so I can’t explain the requirements in IT language. Please pardon me. Let me explain the function of the program that I need and if this falls in one of your expert areas, then we can discuss further. I want to make some bookings for sports facilities online at a specific time everyday. If I were to manually log on to the web site and to enter the verification code, it is going to be super slow and the web site will always jam and my submission will not go through. So I need a program that can help me fill up the information, submit the booking request may be a hundred times per second and complete the booking process. Please contact me at +562 982 3144 or for further discussion. Thanks." to Joe Danielson
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