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Sarah Ulrich - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hey you did a beautiful picture of me and my daughter 13 years ago when you had a kiosk in Wayne Hills Mall in NJ. When I came back to thank you because it was a gift, you were gone! I've always wondered where you went and would love for you to do more pictures for me now that my newborn daughter from the picture is now 14! And I've always wanted one of me and my son to match! is there any way to contact you? Also I would love to post the picture you made for me and the original photo, how can I do that? Let me know! Thanks, Sarab" to George C Myers
Over 30 days ago -
George C Myers - Over 30 days ago
Sorry to take so long to respond! I'm in Orlando, FL now. You can send an email with attachment to I'm also on Facebook.
Tony Scola - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Awsome artist! even better as a man!" to George C Myers
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