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Said "Barry, at 59 I continue to refuse to give up my dream of being one of the finest WORKING camera operators. With that said even though I am new on Freelanced I found that I continue to gravitate towards your page because of one simple thing: I like your style of shooting and hold it as a place to go from. Some of the pieces I enjoyed are Casefiles UFO, however we will not linger on this as I too am an ardent believer from years ago. Other pieces of yours that stand out are "Learn CPR Save a LIfe," "Team Parkinsons," and "Step up to The Plate," just to name a couple of them. I enjoy viewing your page like others watch TV. I first watch for the emotionalism of it and then again for the technical aspects, and a third time for personal technique. I like your shootiong style and even if you don't think of your editing as top notch (good timing), I wish I could get only as half as good as your editing. Great work. See ya at Friday night at the Movies, i.e. 'your page.'" to Barry Conrad
Over 30 days ago -
Barry Conrad - Over 30 days ago
Thanks very much Alan for your kind comments. I really appreciate it!