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Said "Welcome to Freelanced Gayle and loved your beautiful artworks especially the hut with the valley and calf....Beautiful!! Thanks also for the visit as always truly appreciated and apologies for delay in replying has been offline working. On for a few days and catchup. Wishing you all the best on here and do get around and network and get your artworks out there. You can have 5 free artworks on here and give up to ten kudos to each person a day and a total of 200 a day....10 on the top of the wall also. When you kudo, people usually come and view and kudo and comment and then your works go back up on their wall and people see it and come visit. That is how your artworks get out there but you have to put in the networking to get it out there....People on here employ artists also. Wishing you a Fabulous Christmas and a Magical New Year......Em" to Gayle Sadler
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