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Annie Wilcox - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Mr. Colbourne, the photography in your videos captured so much. I have wanted to do something like this, but so far have only used my camera because I don't have a video. I live in a small town in Kansas (well, small compared to some) and have always been drawn to the old buildings and the people though I don't have anything on film. Anyway, your work is very good, as you probably already know! Thanks for the experience." to Paul Colbourne
Over 30 days ago -
Annie Wilcox - Over 30 days ago
Oh yes, carneys. What a world that must be. Such rich material.
Paul Colbourne - Over 30 days ago
thanks yes indeed. a world seen by the public for two weeks at your local shopping mall parking lot
Annie Wilcox - Over 30 days ago
From their perspective though it must be rather like being caged with a continual flow of spectators.