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John Mahomet - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Best of luck to you ;-)" to Zahra Marwan
Over 30 days ago -
Zahra Marwan - Over 30 days ago
Well, thank you! Any advice about this website? I've only recently discovered it.
John Mahomet - Over 30 days ago
I always recommend becoming a full member. If you are selling your services then you are a business and the fee to this site is tax deductible. Also, you can give kudos, up to ten per day, to other members . This let's them know that other artists are checking their work out and they should kudo you back. Kudos are just a way to tell other artists "Good job...keep it up." Some people put too much emphasis on kudos when the real area to concentrate on is applying for work. Try to apply to as many jobs as you feel comfortable with knowing two things, one, the people putting ads here are doing so for free and they quite often think that FREElanced means free art, or very cheap at any rate. Two, each job applied for has a stiff competition with other members trying for the same job. Make sure you put the best of your best stuff in your portfolio. And make no mistake...this is a competition. Other then that, have a good time. And show us what you got.