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Barbara Stirrup - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Wow, thats an impressive CV! Ive just finished building myself a new art studio here - and that means I can settle into painting new pics - yay - I love it. Just about to start the 3rd new one - Noahs Ark - a good challenge! 2 of my children and 2 grandsons are living in Oz, so I visit occaisionally. Hope you get lots of work..." to Leonard Lee
Over 30 days ago -
Leonard Lee - Over 30 days ago
Thanks, Barbara! I haven't received any bites yet - the rates of pay on here seem like slave labour. Do you agree? And have you received any commissions yet?
Barbara Stirrup - Over 30 days ago
The rates on here vary, but there are some genuine earners. Also, you get to chat with other likeminded creative types occaisionally... No commissions for paintings, but just hooked a job doing illustrations for cards. Dont know if I will follow it through though - started, but may pull out. Its not involved enough. I obviously need the challenge of real Art - painting. Im up all hours working on my latest painting, whatever it may be. I have just finished a commission - Jesus walking on water.
Barbara Stirrup - Gave 1 kudo
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Over 30 days ago -
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