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John Mahomet - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Best of luck to you ;-)" to Laura Ann Tull
Over 30 days ago -
Laura Ann Tull - Over 30 days ago
From Loveland OH near where Marquessa Moreland is from. Why are you wishing me luck. I lost my *******. I loved being on sets. I did mot ask to be featured. I did what i was told. I made 20000 a year for 5 years on sets. I was good at it. I love the arts. But my art wad being on sets. Marquessa knew. All she talked about on sets was how she wanted to be in People. Im a nice girl who has a theater degree phi beta kappa. I have a law degree but i hate liars so i hate lawyers. Courtney lovell her friend knew i knew Blake Shields and the industry got rid of me after. Blake and i nevrr dated but i loved him and he knew it. Marquessa knew i chose to beat cancer bc i loved just being on sets. I just wanted to be allowed to keep working. I was studying to be a photoshop artist. I know editing. But if i am never alowed to fight an actor while a man who tried to **** me gets to still work. I lost a friend from ohio to cancer.
John Mahomet - Over 30 days ago
That's all very interesting. I don't get it, but it is interesting.
Best wishes for a more stable future.