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T. Conswello Davis - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hello Tereasa. We are a new non-profit and for profit entities interested in expanding and providing services to human trafficking victims/survivors youth/child and adults. We just learned of opportunity to receive federal funding and need to complete two grant applications. If interested in this opportunity, please visit my profile and send me an email. Thank you! Conswello email:" to Teresa Wise
Over 30 days ago -
Teresa Wise - Over 30 days ago
Hi Ms. Davis, Nice to meet you. I am currently working 40 hrs per week with two clients. When is the federal application due? Knowing this will help me assess if I have the time to help you. I love your cause and believe in it thus I would like to help if possible. I will send you an email, as well.
Thank you,
T. Conswello Davis - Over 30 days ago
Hello Ms. Teresa. Thank you for the timely response. I will reply to your email. Thank you!
John O'Connor - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hello Teresa, my name is John O'Connor and I posted a job for a grant writer. I have a grant writing organization and I am looking for experienced grant writers. You can go to my site here and see my background and experience. I am putting documents in my Portfolio later today. John" to Teresa Wise
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