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James Dixon - Gave 1 kudo
Said "You may be interested to know my book Flooty Hobbs ((kids book) has caught the interest of a production company for a pilot. They want to produce the art in Korea." to Victoria Rosendahl
10 days ago -
Victoria Rosendahl - 9 days ago
Really? That's very cool. Let me know if you need a screenwriter.
James Dixon - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hi Victoria, Per our conversation, here is a link to the GMP story outline and music insertion....go to Look forward to your response. James" to Victoria Rosendahl
12 days ago -
Victoria Rosendahl - 11 days ago
Thanks! I'm reading t he book now.
Frederic Bourbonnais - Gave 1 kudo
Kudo'd an item in the portfolio of Victoria Rosendahl
Over 30 days ago -
Script Writing portfolio item