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Said "Welcome to Freelanced Billy and love your style man...It is awesome and wishing you all the best here...A great place fully of magical art and beautiful uplifting people that will inspire you. Hopefully you will get more of your art up as you certainly have a style all of your own:)) Have a really great day and kudos you and your beautiful portfolio:))" to Billy Walsh (Goob)
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Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Perhaps I should call you Goob....although I do like Billy!!! Dont know any other Billy on here yet.....To meet people just go to some of my friends and share some kudos and you will be on your way. Glad to answer any I know what it is here about 6 months and the best site that I have ever been on for wonderful people...Your art will be inspired Billly....and at times you will feel intimedated by the wonderful art, we all it is beautiful and great friendships are born here...