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Freelance Portrait Artist & Animal Illustrator

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22Tothebackofthehead - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Favreau shot and killed Vicki Campbell-Beer at their Burke Hollow residence with a .22 caliber rifle as she sat at the kitchen table correcting student papers." to Scott Favreau
Over 30 days ago -
Vicki - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Scott really kills it! I had my doubts, but after reading his testimonies and listening to witnesses, my doubt has been murdered! I love seeing his work splayed out on my dining room table, where it really just brightens the room! If you've had a manhunt trying to find a great artist, Scott is your man! He's also great at shotgun pieces, and is really just gunning with enthusiasm! You're killing it Scott!" to Scott Favreau
Over 30 days ago -
james B - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Scott is an excellent artist. Recently I received a beautiful painting that I requested for my dining room. I found it brought out the bright red stained coloring in my wonderful hard wood table. His art is a mix of both premeditated and seemingly effortless, as if the art simply appears with the movement of his right index finger. I recommend anyone who is looking to add some color to the room to contact Scott, He's the man for the job! Thanks Scott!" to Scott Favreau
Over 30 days ago -
Janet Bradley - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Beautiful work Scott, you should do very well!" to Scott Favreau
Over 30 days ago -
Stephany Causey - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Great work!" to Scott Favreau
Over 30 days ago -