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Said "Kudos to you for joining the lot of us chiseling out our piece of the pie. My hat is off to you for your love song request. I applied to help you win your girl's heart, but take it from an older girl, use your sense of humor to your advantage! That should be part of your song! Keeping it fun and lighthearted, while also heartfelt. You should add 'comedy writer' to your membership as well. I've talked myself into a couple of jobs just because they sounded like fun, with my only experience listed as being raised right, by a true Southern smart-***. I'd love to take a crack at writing you that unforgettable song (since after you play it for her, it will be your song for the rest of your lives together) with that personal touch. Yes, I applied to your job post as well. Thank You, & Good Luck! Shawn Saacke Crawford" to Evan C.
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