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DJ Steel - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hello Dave, Your stuff is great! We are looking for an artist who is also passionate about Canadian Music. We have created an online Audio Comic that merges and auditory experience with a graphic experience. The idea behind our comic is to promote Canadian Music and Canadian Artists. We air the audio and discuss participants frequently on our radio station (soundfm.ca) If you visit our website at: http://www.manoamanoradio.com/comic/index.html You can see how the audio and visual come together. We are looking for one more artist to complete the last episode of the 6 episode season. If you are interested in working with us please contact us at: manoamanoradio@soundfm.ca and we can give you more information on the project! At this point we are looking for Volunteer submissions. We are able to to promote Artists websites on the Radio and via social media. I hope to hear from you! DJ Steel" to Dave Sauve
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Jaymes Ballard - Gave 2 kudos
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