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Said ". . 3. The Intel® RealSenseā„¢ ZR300 camera offers a small form-factor solution for contestants who want to add visual depth sensing and tracking capabilities to their product ideas. It features high resolution and accuracy depth maps, indoor and outdoor use, high frame rate, in a compact design that easily integrates into embedded platforms. The Intel® RealSenseā„¢ Software allows you to see and understand the world in 3D by building on the depth and tracking information provided by the ZR300 camera hardware module. Capabilities include: simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) with six-degrees of freedom (6DoF) for the general camera motion, and object and person recognition and tracking. Recommended team skills- Familiarity with computer vision and image processing APIs such as OpenCV*; C++, Javascript*, C#, Java*, or Processing. wet" to Fouad Chirar
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