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Freelance Artist & Drawer

Emily Huch - Freelance Children's Book Illustration, Portrait Art, Portrait Painting, Caricature Art, & Book Illustration
12 Skills
I have been working as a Freelance Artist for about 15 years. It is my life and passion to bring Art into this world in every way I can. I think there is an art to everything, and everyone should see that Art is in everything we do and think passionately about. To be a person that helps us all connect that together is an honor and humble privilege to have. Illustration is my tool and it speaks...
knoxville, Tennessee, United States
Nicole Fonzo - Freelance T-Shirt Design, Drawing, Tattoo Design, Painting, & Illustration
12 Skills
My artistic ability ranges from sketches to paintings, from crafts made from nothing to sea glass jewelry. Art is apart of my everyday thoughts, every hour brings me new ideas, my mind never rests when it comes to being creative. I am self taught besides Art Major in high school and the normal school art classes.
Conway, South Carolina, United States