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Freelance Copywriter & Editor

Andy Kuhn - Freelance Script Writing, Comedy Writing, Poem Writing, Creative Writing, & Movie Production
12 Skills
Andrew Kuhn Films: American Television (2010) – 20 minute comedy/satire. A mother bribes her son to go on a reality TV show, but only to get her daughter discovered as a singer. Wrote, directed, and produced the film. Cut end credit sequence. Shot on both HD and video using an HVX and DSR 300. Hitting Huey (2009) – 13 minute dark comedy. Two teens...
Rochester, New York, United States
Tamara-Lynn Palmquist - Freelance Poem Writing & Song Writing
2 Skills
I am not posting a resume, just a personal description of who I am. To make it clear, writing and reading are my biggest passions besides my son. My writing reflects not only things that I have been through, but also of those who have crossed my path. My greatest literature inspirations began with R.L. Stine and Stephen King, then Ernest Hemingway, Chuck Palahniuk, and definitely, without a...
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Yuval Kurra - Freelance Book Illustration, Children's Book Illustration, 3D Animation, & Medical Illustration
4 Skills
My career has spanned over 15 years from 2d & 3Danimated features and television commercials to realistically animated digital humans and creatures. I have worked in a wide range of animation styles learning and polishing the principals of movement and performance. I have always been interested in pushing the limits of what can be achieved with the technology available. When the technology is...
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India