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Freelance Illustrator & Animator

Brenda Smith - Freelance Article Writing, Children's Book Writing, Creative Writing, Poem Writing, & Writing
12 Skills
I've always had writing on my mind. When I was a little girl, I would make up my own stories about places I wanted to visit or about the people in my neighborhood. I was raised as an only child, but I don't remember ever feeling lonely. My imagination was my company. As many people know, dreams easily get put on the back burner. It is easy to get caught up in the, "boy meets girl", "boy...
Winter Haven, Florida, United States
Chris Dass - Freelance Animation, Illustration, Graphic Design, & 3D Animation
4 Skills
My name is Chris V. Dass and I am a young and dynamic freelance animator and artist that has been training and working for the last six years. With my four years of training at Animation School NZ, two years as a part time Texture Artist/Assistant and one year as a freelancer/contractor I have gained the ability to produce high quality product that met the studios and clients objectives through...
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand