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Freelance Book Designer & Graphic Designer

Tamara-Lynn Palmquist - Freelance Poem Writing & Song Writing
2 Skills
I am not posting a resume, just a personal description of who I am. To make it clear, writing and reading are my biggest passions besides my son. My writing reflects not only things that I have been through, but also of those who have crossed my path. My greatest literature inspirations began with R.L. Stine and Stephen King, then Ernest Hemingway, Chuck Palahniuk, and definitely, without a...
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Jackie Diaz - Freelance Fantasy Art, Digital Art, Photography, Billboard Design, & Graphic Design
12 Skills
For job Inquiries Please call from 12pm to 6pm (Est time) Jacqueline Diaz 917•660•1714 Objective: I want to offer my expanding skill set and dedication to a successful and growing company. With a designing and marketing skillset, my goal is to bring purposeful and well-executed visions and ideas into the world. I wish not only to grow but also to further master...
Staten Island, New York, United States