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Freelance Drawer & Comic Artist

Roger's Portfolio RDS2@Q. - Freelance Architecture & House Architecture
2 Skills
I worked in the construction field for several years, building new homes and remodeling. Later worked in the "Data Entry" field, as a supervisor for government agencies. Since then I have found my passion in 3D modeling and animation where I could use my artistic talents to the best of my ability. I purchased 3DStudio software and started learning how to create and animate figures using...
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Steven Hart - Freelance Portrait Art, Illustration, Drawing, Art, & Animal Illustration
12 Skills
Originally from Scotland, Steven immigrated to Canada in 2014. He taught Art and Design in Scottish Further Education colleges for over 22 years. In that time Steven experimented with many different techniques, mediums and styles, refining his skills to produce many commissioned portraits for private clients, family and friends. Steven started experimenting with the layering of his work and...
Toronto, Ontario, Canada