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Freelance Painter & T-Shirt Designer

Carrie-Ann Mohr - Freelance Portrait Painting, Animal Illustration, Children's Book Illustration, & Landscape Painting
4 Skills
A highly inspired and original acrylic painter, I render tremendous images.... reliably capturing people, pets and landscapes, all with a unique and personalized twist. All finished pieces are guaranteed to delight - sparkling and radiant with energy! Can work with nearly any photo source, dream or idea. 3-4 week working time plus 10 day varnish period. Standard Sizes and Prices: 6" x 6"...
Hawthorne, California, United States
Dirzo91 - Freelance Children's Book Illustration & Painting
2 Skills
Illustrator with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Skilled with most Adobe softwares and creating digital artwork using Wacom products. Check out my FB page! Give it a Like: Thank you!
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Jackie Diaz - Freelance Fantasy Art, Digital Art, Photography, Billboard Design, & Graphic Design
12 Skills
For job Inquiries Please call from 12pm to 6pm (Est time) Jacqueline Diaz 917•660•1714 Objective: I want to offer my expanding skill set and dedication to a successful and growing company. With a designing and marketing skillset, my goal is to bring purposeful and well-executed visions and ideas into the world. I wish not only to grow but also to further master...
Staten Island, New York, United States
Janet Bradley - Freelance Illustration, Drawing, Real Life Painting, Landscape Painting, & Mural Painting
8 Skills
Rate/Hr Art and creating has been a major discipline and source of succor for me since the introduction of crayons at age five. Throughout my creative endeavours I have experience wonderful, interesting people and a plethora of experiences to add to my repertoire. Whether used for creative therapy, media communication, or personal gratification; one word, image or ideation given...
Auburn, Washington, United States
Trevor Smith - Freelance Digital Art, Illustration, Sci Fi Art, Fantasy Art, & Landscape Painting
7 Skills
Hello, I'm Trevor. I am a freelance(duh) illustrator and concept artist. My focus lies in fantasy and sci-fi art but my background and education are rooted in the foundations of drawing and design. This allows me to do just about anything in two dimensions. I'm also a very nice and respectful person and I know that can go a long way. Every image I do is something I want to be proud of--this...
Tucson, Arizona, United States