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Freelance Screenwriter & Book Writer

John Allison - Freelance Comic Art, Graphic Novel Art, Digital Art, Logo Design, & Photo Editing
12 Skills
J. Briscoe Allison, has been working as a professional illustrator and designer since 1997, designing everything from tee-shirts and billboards, to storyboards and character concepts for animation and film. Allison studied comic art and sequential storytelling at The Kubert School based in Dover, New Jersey. There, he honed his innate artistic abilities, and learned to translate his perception...
High Rolls Mountain Park, New Mexico, United States
Neil Baker - Freelance Comic Art, Graphic Novel Art, Manga Art, Fantasy Art, & Sci Fi Art
7 Skills
I've been drawing and scribbling in some fashion for about 15 years now and writing for even longer. Completely self taught, I've been keeping myself honest with logo and design work while indulging my love of comic and graphic art with private commissions ranging from posters and personalised comics to book illustration. While my design work is fairly varied, my comic work sits in the middle...
United Kingdom