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Freelance Painter & Mural Painter

Cirrelia Thaxton - Freelance Writing, Copywriting, Editing, Blog Writing, & Business Writing
11 Skills
"Writing happens with creative urgency; it is the passion of feeling!" A member of IAPWE, I own CRT DTP Express, a small company offering writing, editing, and consulting services since 2005. A dedicated team player, I specialize in research and the writing (and editing) of articles, blogs, reviews, resumes, statements of purpose, speeches, grants, and reports. I also like to capture...
Newport News, Virginia, United States
Martha E Lewis-Ryan - Freelance Art, Drawing, Illustration, Sculpting, & Painting
11 Skills
I am interested in branching out into other fields of Art. Each one of my drawings, sketches, paintings and sculptures are hand done personally. Each peace or drawing is an Original as I do not make prints or copies of any of my art. I keep a photo record of my work so there will never be duplicates of anything I create. All sculptures I create are one of a kind unless the piece is...
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States