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Freelance Digital Artist, Drawer, & More

Bob Berry - Freelance Comic Art, Children's Book Illustration, Fantasy Art, Graphic Design, & Storyboarding
12 Skills
I'm an illustrator with diverse skills from traditional drawing and painting to digital image creation using Photoshop and Illustrator. I've worked in several aspects of the graphics related universe, from Creative Director for a small ad agency to costume designer and concept artist at large for sports entertainment and digital media. I've designed designed logos and corporate ids and many...
New York, United States
Janet Bradley - Freelance Illustration, Drawing, Real Life Painting, Landscape Painting, & Mural Painting
11 Skills
Rate/Hr Art and creating has been a major discipline and source of succor for me since the introduction of crayons at age five. Throughout my creative endeavours I have experience wonderful, interesting people and a plethora of experiences to add to my repertoire. Whether used for creative therapy, media communication, or personal gratification; one word, image or ideation given...
Auburn, Washington, United States