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Frederic Lavoie - Freelance Book Illustration, Illustration, Children's Book Illustration, Cartooning, & Greeting Card Illustration
12 Skills
Since I was young, I always had interest in everything related to creation, the reason that I used to goes to ce´gep du Vieux Montre´al where I studied fine arts in order to become an illustrator. Despite an early career which I was diverted from my goals first, I am finally between in the great world of the illustration at the age of 26 years. I'm a particularly talented illustrator for...
Drummondville, Quebec, Canada
Writer/Editor/Reviewer - Freelance Article Writing & Book Writing
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I have practiced law for over 30 years and am doing more writing, editing, and media reviewing, which is my real passion. I practice law in various areas, including art law, music law, data protection, trademark, copyright, IT, and e-commerce I can write an article, book, blog, press release, grant proposal, RFP, or business plan, and edit for content, style, facts, spelling and grammar. I...
New York, New York, United States