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Freelance Mural Painter & Artist

Tamara-Lynn Palmquist - Freelance Poem Writing, Song Writing, Fiction Writing, Creative Writing, & Comedy Writing
12 Skills
I am not posting a resume, just a personal description of who I am. To make it clear, writing and reading are my biggest passions besides my son. My writing reflects not only things that I have been through, but also of those who have crossed my path. My greatest literature inspirations began with R.L. Stine and Stephen King, then Ernest Hemingway, Chuck Palahniuk, and definitely, without a...
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Janet Bradley - Freelance Illustration, Drawing, Real Life Painting, Landscape Painting, & Mural Painting
11 Skills
Rate/Hr Art and creating has been a major discipline and source of succor for me since the introduction of crayons at age five. Throughout my creative endeavours I have experience wonderful, interesting people and a plethora of experiences to add to my repertoire. Whether used for creative therapy, media communication, or personal gratification; one word, image or ideation given...
Auburn, Washington, United States
Demaris M. Jarvis - Freelance Art & Comic Art
2 Skills
I consider myself an Urban Abstract Impressionist,... I dabble in just about any and everything art,.. from Cartooning to Still life, T-shirts to Murals, Comic book To Realism,...Fashion and Sculpture as well, I dont limit myself so when doing jobs it's limitless as to what comes to mind. I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta, have had numerous projects posted on the walls there, went on to...
Gonzales, Louisiana, United States