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Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Stephany Causey - Freelance Art, Book Illustration, Illustration, Real Life Painting, & Landscape Painting
8 Skills
I consider myself a skilled professional Artist that has a God gifted natural born talent.I been sketching and drawing since 1988.But i specialize in painting portraits and customize which is oil on canvas.l am advanced in being creative.I believe i can put my mind to anything pertaining to art when it comes to accomplishing my goal to achieve success in life.also i can do mural paintings on...
East Baton Rouge Parish., Louisiana, United States
Melodye Whitaker - Freelance Portrait Art, Illustration, Book Illustration, Animal Illustration, & Architectural Illustration
12 Skills
With 20 years' experience, and graduate level art education, Melodye is a published artist and does commissioned work as well as fine art. Specialty areas are portraiture and character illustration; in realistic style, as well as fantasy art. She has advanced skills in portraiture, animal art, architectural art, digital illustration and book cover art. Art prints of her work are available on...
Johnson City, Tennessee, United States