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Location:Wallingford, Pennsylvania, United States
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Summary of Skills:
Proven six years of professional experience in design, installation and configuration of
networking and system administration. Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills.
Proven ability in leading teams to success. Able to quickly learn and apply new technologies
and adapt to new environments.
Technical Skills:
Networking (WAN):
· Experience with Cisco 2821, 2700, 1700 Routers and Cisco 2821 voice gateway
router including IOS upgrades
· Configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco Call Manager, Cisco Meeting Place and
Cisco 7911g, 7940g IP Phones.
· Network Security: Configuring and designing ACLs, NAT, PAT
· Experience with Multi-Layer switching, large L3/L2 network design and development.
· Experience in creating in detailed physical and logical network diagrams using
Microsoft Visio.
· Knowledge of TCP/IP, routing protocols: EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS BGP, Static Routes and
Gateways, Route Redistribution and MPLS, VPLS IPVPN, WLAN technologies.
· Application protocols (DNS, SSH, HTTP, SSL, FTP etc.) and their behaviors across
LAN/WAN infrastructures
· PSTN, SIP and VOIP network, QoS and queuing theory
· IP Addressing, Sub netting, VLSM,CIDR, Route Summarization
· CDP, SNMP, SMTP, ICMP, Telnet, TFTP, reverse Telnet
· Familiarity with HDLC, PPP Authentication – PAP and CHAP, AAA
· WAN technologies like Frame Relay, ISDN, DDR, Leased Line
· Concept of Layer 2 spanning tree Protocols (CST,PVST,RSTP,MST)
· VLAN management and idea in VTP and PIM – Dense and Sparse modes
· Knowledge of protocols CGMP,IGMP,HSRP,VRRP and GLBP
Operating System (LAN):
· Installing, configuring and basic level troubleshooting of Windows 2003 servers,
XP/2000 Professional, Windows 7 and Linux client
· Linux Administration: Managing users and user groups in server and client side
· Basic level knowledge in Sun Solaris, HP Unix and IBM AIX Operating Systems
· Oracle database administration in above platforms
· Experience with VMware virtual environments.
· Experience in installing, configuring and troubleshooting of desktops , laptops and
servers like IBM E-series and Dell PowerEdge
· Experience in Sun Fire series servers
· Cisco: Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

· Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
· MCP in Windows Server 2000 and Professional 2000

· Business Interactive Skills by Mind Speed India, Bangalore.
· Server Sizing workshop by IBM Bangalore
· Virtual Loaner Program workshop by IBM Bangalore
· Computer Hardware training by Logic Software Solutions
· BS7799-2:2002 Internal Auditor training course
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