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Freelance Painter & Photo Editor

Location:El Cajon / San Diego, California, United States
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I travel the country in an RV with my little family. I'm currently in southern California. I've been in the mood to paint an interior mural for several months now. (That's a hint for those of you who are looking for or always wanted a mural!)

I can't quote a blanket rate on work. (Occasionally, barter will work for me.) There are lots of issues involved in determining how much to charge. I charge less for things I am slower at, more for things I am at ease with. There are such factors like, what investments I may need to make in order to complete the job (research, supplies, distance of travel, in some cases postage, etc...). Sometimes a quote on the completed job is in order. It may depend on how desperate I am for funds. How much am I creatively involved? Am I just rendering? How much leeway do I have to be creative? (Sometimes I like more directions; Other times, I prefer less.)

I purposefully chose to NOT choose expert at any of my skills. I think of an expert as someone who can create quickly and at the drop of a hat. Give them three sentences and they are off and running with break-neck speed. For me, that is not always the case. Sometimes things are slower in the beginning until they find their rhythm and flow...

Please do not limit me to the twelve skill areas I am allotted to list. I can do more.

One thing is certain, I will not pretend to be able to do something I am unsure of my ability to do. Communication is key. I like to know what the expectations up front so that we can both expect to walk away from a job happy.
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