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Kraig Rasmussen

Freelance Comic Artist, Sci Fi Artist, & More

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
12 Skills
Independent/Self-publisher & freelance illustrator specializing in both comic books and fine art illustration.

Seeking freelance work in illustration, design, or freehand (plus digital) production art. Portfolio available at and

-Breakdown illustrator of The Crossing digital comic, written by Jason McNamara, available on the Stela comics app.

-Publisher/Creator of Monkeygong Productions. Home of Sojourners, Technopolis, comics anthology White Rabbit Magazine, The Secret Origin of Dylan Drake and more. (all titles and characters copyright Kraig Rasmussen and Monkeygong 2017.)

-As a comic book illustrator my emphasis is on Science Fiction, (which becomes more science fact by the day), and historical period epics. Both genres have proven to be so laden with allegory and metaphor, that my study often includes deeper and deeper symbolism, referring me to the likes of Jung, Freud, Campbell, Lao Tzu and more. In addition, I have recently been immersed in the study of propaganda art and media manipulation.

-Host of the Storycraft Podcast 2013-present

-At, APE, the Alternative Press Expo, Oct. 2010, in San Francisco, I delivered an hour long seminar on "Story Craft". It was the first in a series of lectures/open discussions about the ins and outs of building a story for film or comics, from the ground up.

-Volunteer/Member/Contributor to the Cartoon Art Museum, San Francisco, and the Cartoon Art Museum Sketch-a-thon

-Screenwriter/Director with one property on the market and in competition for a Nicholl Fellowship, and another seeking financing.

-Educated in Fine Art Illustration at the Academy of Art, San Francisco.

-Versed in Mac OS, Adobe CS, and MICROSOFT OFFICE.

Other education and study includes writing, history, philosophy and martial arts (Chinese, Japanese, Muy Thai, kickboxing, JKD, MMA).