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Sarah Chloe Burns

Freelance Editor & Copywriter

Location:Marina del Rey, California, United States
Phone: 661-496-7114
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Historian Sarah Chloe Burns has gained an international reputation as a noted research academic in the area of gender and race relations, cross-culturally, from the ancient period to the present. Her graduate work was recognized and rewarded by the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, in competition with Masters Theses and Doctoral Dissertations from U.C. San Diego, U.C.L.A. and U.C. Santa Barbara. One of her first orders of business as a teaching historian was to create a Women's History survey course for Bakersfield College (the first of its kind), which she began teaching in 1997.

Ms. Burns has presented her findings to civic and academic groups, the American Association of University Women, within college and professional newspapers, scholarly journals, religious associations, and abroad. She was a member and presenter at the Oxford Roundtable on Human Rights and Gender Discrimination (March 30-April 4, 2003), a presenter at the Second International Conference on European History, From Ancient to Modern, in Athens, Greece (Dec. 29-31, 2004). The article prepared for the Athens conference is entitled, “Mothering Mother Earth; the Path of the Nurturing Matriarch from Ancient Greece to the 19 th Century Parisian Salon,” and was published in the conference journal entitled, Themes in European History: Essays from the 2 nd International Conference on European History. Ms. Burns is also a member (Reader) of the Bodleian Library, Oxford University, England, and a member of the Organization of American Historians since 1996. Her biography is featured annually in the Marquis's Who's Who—of American Women; in American Education; in America; and in the World, as well as the National Register's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals.

Ms. Burns is currently working as Adjunct Professor of History at College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, California, while also teaching classes in Cultural Diversity and World Civilizations for National University. Her past faculty positions include Adjunct Professor of History with the Bakersfield College History Department and part-time Lecturer with the History Department of California State University, Bakersfield. Her first book, Daughters of Juno, Chronicle I; Matilda of Argyll , was published in March of 2004 by Pentland Press , North Carolina. The second edition of this book was published as Matilda of Argyll (2007) by University Press of the South, and is available on their website, or Ms. Burns was also a featured author (along with Dr. Depok Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dwyer, and Don Miguel Ruiz), contributing chapters to two books in the Wake Up Live The Life You Love series: On An Enlightened Path and With Gratitude .

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