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Darren R. Sexton

Freelance Graphic Designer & Website Designer

Location:United States
Phone: 931-505-0401
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I am the founder and CEO of Sexton Design Graphic Services, a high-profile graphic design, SEO/Marketing, internet development and management company dedicated to establish and promote the creative presence of businesses and individuals to the next level with professional quality, multi-level, experienced guidance and services. SD has had success and has been able to help a variety of businesses, people, and churches for over seventeen years now. Designing things is an inborn talent I have always had, so I can do it well and quick. I usually can do it a little more affordable than a lot of secular marketing companies.

I studied at San Diego Institute of Art and Design back in '86. From that, after many worked and reworked proposals, I finally got in to do comic style art for two of the top companies back in the 80's and two popular characters that every household knows. I did my first cover of a published book when I was seventeen, and it hasn't stopped since. Following that, I co-established my own independent comic company, Vesper Effect Comic Productions, and published several titles, including "the White-out Event", which sold out completely in one week. I stayed with the comic artist roll for about three years, where I met and interacted with a lot of the industry greats; artists, inkers, editors, and writers. We were invited to many conventions of the same sort and got to travel to some great places.

Over the course of the next few years, I established several traditional artistic endeavors; painting on the sides of buildings, carousels, motor-cycle gas tanks, hippie-vans, and even street corner caricature sketching. I had three gallery shows and often touched base with my Cherokee heritage by producing a variety of Native American art, jewelry, and crafts that all sold well.

You can visit for more info on what we do or see my Facebook business page at: or my DeviantArt gallery at: to view more of my artwork.
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