NsizwaZonke S. Makhanya "Zonke"

Freelance Videographer & Commercial Videographer

Location:Johannesburg,Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa
2 Skills
Hi i am a cameraperson,Second Assistent Director,Motivational speaker,Co odinator n also an Actor,who've worked with some few different film production companies neh!,the likes of Urban Brew Studios on ( S.A.B.C. 1, Mzansi Fosho! - Reality Show ) " Khumbul'ekhaya", ( Kids Show ) "YO T.V.", ( DSTV - MNET Show ) "KYKNET" etc. as a Cameraperson.Done A.D. jobs with Velocity for Commercials,Roots for t.v. Drama Series etc.Done Acting with Armada Pictures International with Black Roots atleast just one movie called "Drum",Then Followed by T.V. Drama Serieses - "Yizo Yizo 3","Zone 14",( Russianz ) TV. short film called " Cuppen " and in South Africa it was "Score" and done some Adverts of Hansa Beer,Lemon Twist Soft Drink and one Nigerianz Bank advert etc. So this is me so far neh! and still looking forward to explore taking myself to the next level...