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Better Blue

Freelance Music Composer & Mural Painter

Location:Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States
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I worked as a graphic artist and designer, mostly print graphics, in NYC for 10+ years
until the twin towers disaster. Then i focused on my music and self-produced 3 albums
while continuing to do freelance art and design. I paint in oils mainly, except for the murals I've done, one 30' long, suing mixed media, mostly acrylic. I have recorded several artists and did the art for their CDs. I'm very good with typography thanks to my ad agency experience and have worked on Macs mostly, though singing and playing music has led me away from office environment (except for my home music/art studio). I love learning new art forms and have become multi-skilled over the years, sometimes doing light construction/restoration projects that needed an artistic touch to help fund my music recordings. I released my first official CD last year
which is available for free or name your own price on bandcamp:
My band name is Steeel Woool and my stage name is BetterBlue.
I love to write, I've done one children's book and now am working on a book on spiritual healing
and some short stories. My work is often solitary but i love creative collaborations.
As i get more money coming in i want to hire an artist for a new comic book/graphic novel
I've conceived and made the outline for. Proficient in PhotoShop, Illustrator, ProTools, and more.
One recent project involved figuring out how to do multi-track recording for a visually impaired friend which was quite successful. We are hoping to make an instructional video to teach others how, because it is a break-through of sorts. I like to help other artists and am a good teacher.
Now i am looking for work to fund some of my new projects, one being a compilation CD of artists in the North Jersey area (the Jersey Delta). Hopefully i can be of service or we can work together... God bless you all...everyone. Peace.....
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Music Composition
Mural Painting