David Chipps

Freelance Digital Artist & Document Designer

Location:Portland, Oregon, United States
Phone: 503-304-9538
Website: http://www.davidchipps.yzi.me
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I have developed the experience and skills required for this position with a bachelor of science degree in graphic design, a bachelor of science degree in fine art, and ten years professional design experience.

I fine-tuned my design skills, while working part-time on flyers for Gabriel Mendoza Publicity. I developed a keener sense of constructing a document in Quark using soft returns for paragraph formatting, style sheets for universal document and character formatting, and master sheets for larger projects.

Following school, I moved to New York for eight months, landing a job at BBDO's creative design department. While working at BBDO, I reviewed some of the countries top portfolios and became familiar with the highest caliber
of design work.

I came back to Portland and further developed my design skills, working freelance for a year while applying for a master's program at PSU. I further developed my Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, CSS3, and HTML5 skills. I developed a keen sense of using Quark and Indesign to output text to a CSS3 format for web distribution.

You can review my work at

I'm currently interested in working with your company so I can further refine and develop my design skills.
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Digital Art
Document Design