Master Artist Ja Ja Jerrrod Johnson

Freelance Business Developer & Architectural Illustrator

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
2 Skills
Born October 11, 1969 a journey as an artist began early as youth, interest in art and science became prevalent taking center stage, recognition, awards & acclamations funneled the desire, career in the art's and tech world. Classification as a fine art painter started mid 90's, exhibition's of his work's are shown north and south, along the California coast. Ja Ja Jerrod Johnson became a Feature in the Chicano/Latin/African American Art movement, compliments of friend and colleague muralist Fernando Baragan. As his works became more popular through word of mouth a following developed with enthusiast, collectors, artists and fans.

Modern Fine Art Entertainment will present a solo Exhibition of Contemporary Neo-Impressionism masterpiece, works of Ja Ja Jerrod Johnson. A new era in the life that will promote urban cultural blends of ethnicity, bring awareness toward life style, asset investment and diversity investment through Fine Art.

Medium: Louvre (France), Liquitex pro (England), Golden (New Berlin N,Y) Acrylic paint and precious gems/14K >18K>24k>platinum (Au, Pt, CA1203,, Be3A102(sio3)6::Cr.)