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John Dennett

Freelance Sculptor & Fantasy Artist

Location:Horsham, Pennsylvania, United States
Phone: 215-674-2886
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Since 1982 I have been a commercial sculptor and product designer for both large and small companies working on projects for the hobby, gift, collectibles and toy industries. I've worked as a full-time, on site employee as well as a job specific freelancer.

I am seeking similar work for a company with interests in creating figural prototypes for any of these marketplaces.


Designer and sculptor of figural (organic) subjects in various scales pertaining to toy, gift and collectable statue applications.
Accomplished in utilizing sculpting mediums such as wax, clay and assorted polymers as well as hands-on experience with RTV silicone mold making and resin casting techniques.
Execution of conceptual art utilizing either licensor style guides or completely original designs.
Ability to manage projects and instruct others in achieving goals.
Creative, reliable, analytic, motivated, organized, personable and willing to learn.


Basic Fun/The Good Stuff Company
2001 to 2012

Head of sculpting department: designed and sculpted a wide range of licensed figural characters used mostly as keychains and impulse items for the toy industry.
Managed several sculpting projects between 2009 to 2012 which involved all phases of development from early concept to finished production keeping on schedule with product release and delivery dates.
Worked closely with licensors in obtaining approvals at all stages of product development. (Marvel, Pokemon, Disney, Hasbro, Moshi Monsters etc.)
Directed sub-contractors during production of conceptual design and many Pattern and Deco Master phases of these projects.
Corresponded internationally with agent in Hong Kong conveying product requirements as well as approval of factory development samples while troubleshooting problems during the process.
Created hundreds of high profile licensed character sculptures, a significant
percentage of the company's product line.
Created/assembled unique product displays for trade shows.

Paramount Industries
1997 to 2001
Journeyman Sculptor responsible for creating prototypes for a large list of
clients in the toy and collectibles industries. (Mattel, Toy Biz, Kenner, etc.)
Created finished and mold-ready sculptures closely following control art provided by our clients. Examples of the work include action figures,
play-sets, miniatures, animated figural clocks, game playing figures, celebrity dolls and much more.
Created hundreds of prototypes rendered in wax, epoxy putty and mixed-media.

Freelance Sculptor
1991 to 1997
Created figural sculptures for a large array of companies in the toy, hobby, gift and collectables markets.
Clients include Kenner Toys, Playmates, Hasbro, Those Characters From
Cleveland, Revell-Monogram, Bowen Design, Graphitti Design, Moore
Creations, Superior Models/ Perth Pewter, GEOmetric Design,
Intelleg International and many others.
Most projects were very high profile, extremely popular licensed properties.
Developed works specifically for production in various plastics, resin, vinyl and white-metal. Engineered the separation of parts unique to those applications.
Produced original creations as limited edition resin model kits through my own independent company.
Constructed RTV silicone molds, cast resin reproductions, packaged and marketed final product to the specialty
segment of the hobby market. Sold worldwide.
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Fantasy Art