Amara Kopakova

Freelance Painter & Comic Artist

Location:Binghamton, New York, United States
Phone: 607-621-9163
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I am an artist, an illustrator, a graphic designer, a painter, and a digital manipulator.

I started my career as a actor, but found a passion in scenic painting. I worked for three years painting magnificent scenes on 30-foot by 50-foot drops for Tri-Cities Opera before pursuing my destiny, going to college for theatrical design.

The interesting thing about destiny is how it keeps being a destination that changes.

After receiving my Bachelors of Fine Art from SUNY Fredonia, I worked for 5 years, intensively, as a designer. I focused on creating cohesive, intensively considered illustrations or rendering, then creating that image on stage. My work led me to travel throughout the United States, even to a position as adjunct professor and resident designer at Wells College, before I destiny called me to pursue it again. I left my life with only what would fit in a car and began to travel without a destination, except destiny.

Destiny led me this time through adventures and tedium, inspiration and blankness, to Seattle, Washington and a life of living on the raggedy edge as a freelance artist. I have written and illustrated children's books with Zigzag Stories, designed a cover for Spinward Expanse, created commission paintings, drawn caricatures, created event posters, and designed logos.

Destiny recently led me back to upstate New York. I am showing my acrylic painting collections: "Extra Artist on the set of Fat Kid Rules the World" and "Affair with the World." While staying inspired, creating new connections, and finding destiny with the projects that people like you propose to me.

If you want something visual created:

I can do it.
I can do it fast.
I can do it professionally.
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