Mel Gilden

Freelance Fiction Writer & Script Writer

Location:Van Nuys, California, United States
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Mel Gilden


Objective: To use my creative writing talent, editing skills, and technical knowledge, as well as my varied management and teaching background, to help produce and track sparkling story materials for your projects.

Writing: Award-winning published author

• Author of many stories and more than 40 published books for children and adults, both originals and adaptations of licensed properties.
• Scripted over 100 original episodes of television drama and comedy.
• Writer of books based on video games.
• Winner of the prestigious Selezione Bancarellino award for children's fiction.
• Production consultant with companies such as DIC Animation and Hanna-Barbera.
• Designed attractions for Disney and MCA/Universal theme parks.
• Researched and wrote many articles about popular culture for the Los Angeles Times and other publications.
• Developed ideas suggested by writers, editors, and external customers.


• Served at various publications with increasing levels of responsibility, culminating as editor-in-chief of a special interest magazine.
• Assistant story editor for the DIC television production of The Real Ghostbusters.
• Experienced project editor.
• Edited feature articles for the Los Angeles Times and instructional articles for a technical magazine.

Management and Teaching

• Accomplished public speaker, including five years as co-host of the science-fiction interview show, Hour-25.
• Frequent lecturer to school and library groups on the subject of fiction writing and the writer's life.
• Organizer of articles, photographs, and advertisements in preparation for print.
• University-level writing instructor, creating all lesson plans and catalog entries.


Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Los Angeles
Major: English
Minor: Physics

Personal: I am a creative person with varied writing and editing experience. I am an energetic self-starter who is comfortable working independently or as part of a team. Deadlines are important and are taken seriously. I am ready to make a significant contribution to your company's editorial or story department.
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