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Paige Barrett

Freelance Blog Writer & Journalistic Writer

Location:Seattle, Washington, United States
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I may be young but you best believe I am ready! I have plans ready to attend a university and major in communications with journalism. I decided I wanted to be a journalist and proceeded to start my first blog. Fashion and music are two things that I enjoy most in life. I am a very opinionated and voiced teenager, still a bit of rebel angst in me.

I love writing about real life. I like to write about real people and real thoughts; being real is what it's all about.

I am in a creative writing class and a speech class to hopefully gain a skillset that will improve my writing. I like to use going to concerts as an excuse to improve my writing when my parents ask why I want to go so bad.

I have a fresh look on an old world and put the Paige Barrett twist on it.