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I've been writing Songs for about 10 years. My favor is Hip Hop/Rap, But I'm able to write music for Most type of genre. You can hear a bit of my work on I'm very Thoughtful when I comes to my words, and love Writing great songs that Most people can relate to or understand. And the best part is that I'm able to do it naturally, and timely. Perhaps its due to the long history of writers in my family. If your in the need of a great song writer, I'm your man.

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
Here's some of my work Enjoy

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
copy & past the link into your web browser to hear songs

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
'Night Life" -

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
"Blue Magic" -

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
"I'm Coming" -

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
"Getting It Right" -

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
"When I'm Gone" -

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
"Clouds" -

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
"Unbreakable" -

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
"Addicted" -

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
Now I wrote one of my personal favorite line in the next song. Its in verse two, I wrote and of course recorded. "..With so much passion O-Christ! That I'm damn near infringing on Mel Gibson copy rights" Get it... Passion of the Christ..hehehehe ...aawww never mind.. Just enjoy the song..LOL

Tony Clayton - 2 hours ago
"What I feel" -

Tony Clayton - 1 hours ago
DID YOU KNOW: I wrote "What I feel" around 5 years ago. Back then I didn't care for it and brushed it aside, for the fact I only wrote it as a possible filler track for a project I was working on(My sword, My shield, My Confidants). I think it was because at the time, I wasn't really into it, I was just writing about how I felt during that moment hence the title. Its only recently since I decided to dust off the track and hear it again. I must say, I'm glad I did, It now one of my favorites.

Tony Clayton - 1 hours ago
"DustOff" -

Tony Clayton - 1 hours ago
"Pieces of you" -

Tony Clayton - 1 hours ago
DID YOU KNOW: In Pieces of you, my fav. line is "It seems my only reason for being alive, but deep inside, I know its hopeless, I'm trying hold on to the past like Indigenous cultures" "Pieces of you" is a great song about the feelings on has during a loss of some one they loved. CHECK IT OUT

Tony Clayton - 1 hours ago
"Goodbye pt.2" -

Tony Clayton - 1 hours ago
"Left Me For Dead" -

Tony Clayton - 1 hours ago
"Let Him" -

Tony Clayton - 1 hours ago
"Living Off Luck" Another great one for the classic feel alone. But the Hook always gets major Props. "I guess right now, I'm just living of luck. liquor in veins I don't care as much, cuz we all need some pain, in order to maintain, that's the only way our dreams sub-stain"

Tony Clayton - 60 minutes ago
"Living Off Luck" -

Tony Clayton - 59 minutes ago
"Love Dat" -

Tony Clayton - 57 minutes ago
I KNOW I GOT THESE HATERS MAD.. I COULD "LOVE DAT" this song use to put others to shame during our shows. RAW and lots of SWAG

Tony Clayton - 51 minutes ago
"Mind Over Matter" -

Tony Clayton - 43 minutes ago
The Highlighted Line: Song "Mind Over Matter" verse 1: "And he rolls with a pack that's just as mean, They'll give u a verse for a Ransom, then #### the beat. Post the evidence on the internet for the world to peep. Then over flood on the system like New Orleans. God bless the lost souls of New Orleans, but Curse the poor soul that double crosses my team."

Tony Clayton - 41 minutes ago
All alone once again its just me and "MY PEN"..Peep this gives a window on why I love to write music, and why I do it SO WELL.

Tony Clayton - 41 minutes ago
"My Pen" -

Tony Clayton - 39 minutes ago
DID YOU KNOW: I wrote "My Pen" for the same project as "What I Feel".

Tony Clayton - 32 minutes ago
"IF YOU GOTTA PROBLEM. SAY IT TO MY FACE" my girl Loves this song. One of my fav. also. "If you gotta problem, why not just solve it. Do your homework son and you'll be Rewarded, a pat on your back & a congratulations for it. I say do this, cuz the alternative is horrid, morbid, war with, a species like me, Is out of your best interest, I leave planets careening out of orbit."

Tony Clayton - 32 minutes ago
"Gotta Problem" -

Tony Clayton - 22 minutes ago
Here's the Intro track to a project title "The Mars Project" Mars is our nick name for Arizona. "Music is my comfort, Hip Hop is my bed, and I sleep in it good I don't give a #### what they said. Those niggas just mad cuz they aint me. But I aint mad cuz I aint THee.".... "I'm to complex, from that P. h. x, Comon martins, lets get our #### on deck; & take over this world. Build some colonize, make the seed grow like the sperm in ur girl, Can you fallow me."

Tony Clayton - 21 minutes ago
"Who I am"(Intro)-

Tony Clayton - 39 seconds ago
Well I've posted plenty of examples of the writing I'm able to do. As you can hear, I take my lyrics very seriously. Also I'm more then capable of writing songs for most genres Alternative, R&B, Country, ect. A great song writer, Is a Poet that understands Song structure and the power of words. A great song, no matter the style or genre, must be build with a strong lyric foundation. So If your in need, Trust me when I say....I'm a SONG WRITER you shouldn't over look.
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