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Manop Sharma

Freelance Cartoonist & Children's Book Illustrator

Location:London, London, United Kingdom
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If asked what is it i enjoy doing the most when it comes to Art, Design or Animation?
I’d have to honestly admit, i enjoy the creative process. Starting from scratch, the beginning, creating blueprint ideas, in other words, being a concept artist.

Especially as we all have an idea or a concept that we want to bring to life; i really just get the kick and natural enjoyment of bringing others concepts, dreams and various ideas to life or reality.

Away from the pencil and paper, i have also gratefully been given the opportunity to exercise my skills in various capacities of Art/Design: From Music Album cover’s, Children’s book illustrations, Business cards, Posters for events/parties and special occasions, my own 2D animations, storyboarding, as well as clothing design concepts.
So hopefully you will enjoy my creative station and if required, knock on my door for any assistance.