Cameron Dickinson

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I have recently graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a BA/Hons degree in Sports Journalism so I have experience in the field of journalism and an understanding of the tasks journalists face on a daily basis. My degree involved juggling a lot of different jobs at once and helped me prioritise tasks so that they could be completed in an efficient and professional manner.
Sport is my passion and I try to watch as much as I can. I enjoy watching football, motorsport, golf, tennis, cricket and rugby, whilst I take a keen interest in other sports when they are in the public consciousness (for example the Olympics or the World Championships in Athletics). A job reporting on sport would be a dream for me so I hope you consider me seriously for the job.
I have worked and completed work experience for a number of publications online and to a lesser extent in print so I am able to work to deadlines whilst still maintaining sufficient quality in my work despite being under pressure. My previous online employer FastWebMedia actually decided to take me on, on a part-time basis after my 2 weeks work experience there in January 2008 as they felt I had demonstrated my ability to work as part of a team with strict deadlines in a professional manner.
I currently work for Thinking Capital for a sports website called which is a new up and coming football site. I feel working for them has significantly refreshed and developed my writing skills further. It has also helped me re learn how to delegate jobs and work in a team to reach our set goals.
My print journalism experience at University was extremely thorough as well. We had to produce a 16 page newspaper every week for two months based on local news and sport and my ability to work to a tight deadline developed significantly from this, meaning that I have some experience of what it is like to work in a news room at times of high stress.
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