Bob Doucette Jr

Freelance Technical Illustrator & Illustrator

Location:Tampa, Florida, United States
2 Skills
To obtain a challenging and responsible position within the Technical Illustration, Industrial Design, Graphic Design or Mechanical Drafting, CAD field and a long with Technical Writing, that would utilize my skill, talent and experience.

Highlights of Qualifications:
*Exceptional ability to quickly master new software and apply its full range of capabilities.
*Accurately interpret customer’s problems and offer the best resolution
*Outstanding communication skills; patient, personable and receptive.
*Over twenty years experience within various branches of the art field.

Professional Skills:
*Versatile in both PC and MAC environments
Adobe Acrobat X Pro FrameMaker 7 & 9 Solidworks 10 ProE
Canvas Google Sketch Up 7 IsoDraw 7 Excel
Corel Draw X4 Adobe Illustrator CS3 Creo Illustrate
Corel Designer X5 Microsoft Word PowerPoint
Technical Illustrator (TI)-(Auto-Trol) AutoCAD (rel 2004) Micrografx Designer
Photoshop CS3 InDesign Monedello NT

Technical Illustrations: Primary function entails Illustration of Operator & Maintenance Manuals /Service /Parts Catalog/2D & 3D Illustrations with Illustrated Parts Breakdown-(IPB's) - Isometric Drawings, Revise Parts, Assemblies, & Installation, Block & Flow Chart, Schematics Diagrams, Presentations, Design, Engineering Drawings (ECO), Armor Vehicles for Various Military Organizations, such as US Navy, US Air Force, US Army, & Marines. Military & Civilian Aircraft for US Navy, US Air Force & US Army Helicopters “Sikorsky Helicopter” -(Super Blackhawk), NATOPS, NAVAIR (Mil Specification), Electronic Equipment, Satellite, Radio & Antennas. Operator’s & Maintenance Manuals Illustrations for Heavy Equipment & Heavy Machinery. (Contract/Freelance: Various Government and Private Industries).

Industrial Design: Primary function entails Drawings for Patent Design and Production Design. *Design Yard Products (Hose Reel & Ladies Lawn Cart). Render New Products for Bar Code Readers. New Products for Computer’s - Card Readers, Line Printers for Computer’s. New Products for Printing Press Companies- Help Design and Develop Divert Gate, Updated and Design of New Products for the Diaper Industry. New Product Line for Medical Equipment for use in Hospitals and Private Sectors. (Various Companies Contracted/Freelance for: Private Companies, for Union Tools & Rubber Maid, National Cash Register - (NCR), Documation Inc., Lehrmann Technology Co., BPG Services (P&G), Coulter Electronics Co.,)

Architect & Civil Engineering: Primary function entails Rendering and Drafting of Exterior Homes & Commercial Buildings for various Private Sectors. Drafted Site Location’s for Residential/Commercial for FERMCO - (DOE). Detail Specification for DOE, Plans, Layouts, Revise Parts, Update New Products from Rough Layouts to Final Drawings. New Graphic Display for Operator’s Equipment. Topography Lines, Surveyor Plots, Sewage/Water line, Right of ways, Cutaways Views, Mapping, Electric & Gas mapping, GIS/GPS, Site Layouts, Groundwater monitoring, Detail Well Installation and Locations. Drafted Site location’s for Houses, Buildings, Roads and Right of Ways of Property, Show New and Existing Wells locations. Cutaway Earth Sections to Show Soil, Rock, Clay, Sand, etc., Water Level, Well Depth, Mapping, Golf Courses. Update Telephone and Fiber Optic Cables. Drafted locations Showing New and Old Cable, either Underground or Aerial, Right of Ways, Mapping, Topographical Maps, Cutaways views, Electrical Power Lines either Underground or Aerial, using SmallWorld application. (Companies Contracted/Freelance for: Masteller & Moler Associates Civil Engineering Firm, TA Gleason & Associates, United Telephone Co; Cincinnati Electric Co;).
Graphics: Primary function entails composing of Color Brochures & other Visual Displays for Conferences & Open House. Signage, Engineering Newsletters, Airbrushing Photos, Vu-graphs, Creative Drawings (Cartooning), Schedules, Project Matrices, Updated & Revise Datasheets, Application Notes, Technical Briefs,

Freelance and Contract Experience:
(10/1998 – 08/2000) Innovata Inc., Fairfield, OH
(10/1994 – 08/1995) BPG Services (P&G), Blue Ash, OH.
(07/1993 – 06/2003) Bob’s Graphic Design, Cincinnati, OH (Entrepreneur)
(02/1991 – 07/1993) FERMCO, Cincinnati, OH.
(10/1990 – 02/1991) TA Gleason & Associates, Cincinnati, OH.
(09/1990 – 10/1990) O'Neil & Associates, Dayton, OH.
(06/1989 – 09/1990) United Telephone Co., Ahoskie, NC.
(01/1989 – 06/1989) Lehrmann Technology Co., Palm Bay, Fla.
(06/1988 – 12/1989) Masteller & Moler Associates Civil Engineering Firm, Sebastian, Fla.
(12/1988 – 07/1988) Coulter Electronics Co., Miami Lakes, Fla.
(05/1987 – 07/1988) NCR - Manufacturing / Engineering., Orlando, Fla
(01/1986 – 05/1987) Bob Doucette, Jr. Graphic Design, Melbourne, Fla.
(08/1979 – 01/1986) Harris Government Systems, Melbourne, Fla.
(11/1977 – 08/1979) Documation Inc., Palm Bay, Fla.
(12/1971 – 12/1977) United States Air Force Air/Ground Radio Operator (Voice) -Air Crew
A29353A Search/Air Resuce (Air Crew Member)

Military Standards:
MIL-STD 40051-1/2

US Air Force, Radio Operator (Voice) 29353 - Diploma
US Air Force, 2D and 3D Design in Scientific Illustration – GS 1020 -Diploma
Various Art Workshop & Private Lessons in the Art Field

Portfolio / References Available Upon Request