Sri Sudha Suryadevara

Freelance Database Programmer & Writer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
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2818 Ellendale,Apt no 7,Los Angeles,California-90007,USA

? Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, India. Completed Graduation in June 2012, CGPA - 8.96
? Pursuing Masters in Computer Science at University of Southern California.
(Courses in 1st semester(Advanced Operating Systems,Artificial Intelligence,Analysis of Algorithms)
Graduation in May 2014

Trainee,CMC (Computer Maintenance Corporation) Private Limited,Hyderabad, IndiaMay 2011-June 2011

? Worked on a project titled “CMC e-learning Website”
? Created a website for the employees of the company to enable them to enroll as faculty members for the e-learning program using PHP as front end and SQL as backend
? Studied various PHP functions and database connectivity
? Incorporated various features into the website like user login,registering for courses,searching for a course and event calendar besides others
? Tested the results dynamically after development of each and every feature and achieved the result

Working as Student Technical Assistant at ITS Learning Environments at University of southern California
September 2012-Present

Title: Project on Banking Enterprises
Period: July 2010 – November 2010
Team Size: 4
Role:Team Leader
? Planned the Project and assigned specific tasks to each member after taking each member’s abilities into consideration
? A banking system with certain drawbacks was improved upon.The details of the entities were maintained in paper files in the original banking system.
? A new system was proposed which would store the information in a database so the drawbacks could be eliminated.
? Designed the conceptual schema and the logical schema for the database and applied normalization techniques to the relational data
? HTML was used as the front-end and SQL was used as the back-end to create a new system.
? By retrieving all kinds of information from the tables through SQL queries in minimal time, we were able to create a more efficient banking system

Title: Project on “Dynamic Object Learning For Humanoids Using Image Mosaicing”
Period: July 2011 –April 2012
Team Size: 4
Role:Team Leader
? Decided the topic for the Project and provided the background knowledge to my team members
? Working towards developingObject recognition techniques of humanoids which would store the individual objects in memory and retrieve them later when it encounters a similar situation.
? The memory is based on mosaic images enabling image sequence representation. The dynamic image sequences wouldbe combined into a single frame using mosaicing techniques.
? The memory of the humanoid should be able to represent static objects and also objects in motion for efficient visual representation.
? The problem with the humanoid systems using an active camera is that the complete image as a whole cannot be stored. We propose to use polytopes that yield piecewise planar approximations of a sphere and hence reduce distortions while providing Euclidian coordinates on which most of the image analysis algorithms depend.
? The resulting visual memory for the humanoid consists of multiple planes to represent a sequence of images.Along with the multiple planes of the polytope,we take an additional plane to minimize discontinuities between the planes of the polytope.Using this approach of mosaicing, the image data and individual objects can be efficiently represented in the humanoid’s memory and serve as a basis for object learning of the humanoid.

? Walking Robots Workshop at Interface-09 organized by the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering of GITAM University in association with Bangalore robotics, Docel Radio Research Incorporated at GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, India, March 2009.
? Workshop on ‘Swarm Robotics’ held by IIT Mumbai at Model Engineering College,Kochi,India,Aug 2010
? Workshop on "Microsoft Technologies" conducted by the Departmentof Electronics And Communications Engineering,GITAM in association with IETE(Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Services), 2010

? C,C++,Java,Unix,SQL,HTML,PHP and JavaScript

? Presented a paper on “Cloud Computing”, SINC 2010, Vellore Institute of Technology, India. SINC 2010 was held by Students for the Exploration and Development of Space India National Conference.
? Paper Presentation on the topic “Laws for Humans,Logics for Humanoids” at the technical fest held by the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, 2011

? Won the Second prize in the Problem solving competition held by Computer Society of India at GITAM University in 2010.
? Won the Second prize in a Paper Presentation on the topic “Laws for Humans,Logics for Humanoids” in Techscribe, the technical festivalin “Techniche 2011” heldatIndian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, 2011

? Member of National Service Scheme,Computer Society of India,Indian Society for Technical Education and IEEE student chapter
o Attended various conferences held by the different Societies
o Participated in the ‘Clean and Green’ program at Rushikonda organized by the National Service Scheme wing of GITAM.

I hereby declare that the information mentioned above is true to the best of my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.
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