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Stafford Long

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I am finishing a children's book and need an illustrator who can furnish artwork for the book's characters, scenery, etc., and am willing to negotiate with regard rates.

I have a few requirements for inquirers: 1) I must own the images after I pay for them because I am attempting to not only write a children's book series, but to build a brand and the characters will be integral in that endeavor and for merchandising, 2) I must have the artwork in digital format as well as the original sketches because my target audience will be IPad and Kindle users as well as paper copy, 3) I have a relatively flexible schedule but would need someone who once contracted, can finish the artwork within 45 to 60 days at the most.

I will be giving full credit to you for your artwork in the book and will allow your signature mark to be at the bottom of all of your artwork in the book and on any sundries, etc. Because I feel that the artwork is not only integral to the success of the story, but paramount, and as such I will also be willing to negotiate royalties for all sales. If you are interested please email me any artwork that you feel would be helpful that may not be on this site. I can assure you that they will not be disseminated, sold, or otherwise compromised. We are all artists and I would hope that such an honor code would not would be violated. I have an expectation that I would have to provide the story to you to assist in your creative imaginary process, so trust is a two way street.

Thanks for your time and interest.
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