Goklas Teguh Sujiwo

Freelance Book Illustrator & Cartoonist

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I have experience over 10 years in animagraphy, the chemistry of art & story in form of picture book, comic, animation, and games (especially adventure games).

It began since my childhood, i loved to see clouds, water splash, bitten cookies, and imagined as if they're alive, talking, playing, and do magical things. And it never stop. There is a 10 years old boy that live inside me that always do the magic. I believe there is magic in everything we see, even the simplest one. A bubble or a candle lit, a seed or a ball, they're all alive, have personalities, have likes and dislikes, have their own universe, and somehow have connection with us. I like to treat them as a character, make stories of them, picture it and bring them to life. Every children know this...until they are grow up and forget. But things that they gave life were never forget. They will come back.

These things i do, have brought me to some national awards in character design, illustration, and stories. I went through some works that made some principal's brands alive in children minds as characters with their own stories...new friends for children. My latest projects are made characters for arcade, and museum attraction. It's all about how to make boring things into imaginative and playful experience. I love this job.
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Book Illustration