Aoife Harrington

Freelance Editor & Video Editor

Location:Arica, Antofagasta, Chile
Phone: +353868822927
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I have much experience in film and Video production, having spend 3 years in St John College in Cork and Achieved a Degree in Tv and Video Production from the University of Sunderland in 2009 .During that period I have worked on numerous productions in varying roles so I have a good all-round knowledge of film-making process and as can be seen from my CV I have particu-lar passion towards editing, camera/lighting. Also worked on several Commercial Dvd’s and projects gave a professional attitude towards deadlines and workflows.
I have an excellent working knowledge of Apple Mac computers and am Mac OS certified in Mac OS Support , Mac OS Sever , Final Cut Pro 7 ,Logic Pro 9 and am an Apple Certified Technical Co-Ordinator. As well as that I have good working knowledge of Avid systems and adobe premiere sytems.while working for apple I spent the first 14 months working on the consumer help desk in a role where I have had to instruct and support many people of vastly differing technical abilities whilst still maintaining excellent customer satisfaction and dealing with the pressures of having to pro-vide a fast and correct response to any and all issues. Recently I’ve been promoted to the role of Enterprise-level Technical Support where I troubleshoot professional applications such as Final Cut Studio ,Logic Studio, provide support to industry clients such as Sky and the BBC and also provide support for the Mac Os Sever Range.
On a Personal level I’m extremely motivated, enthusiastic about my work but also I believe in being as personable as possible when dealing with colleagues and clients alike. I have some expe-rience in assisting in teaching and demonstrator when I was involved in a film-making summer school course for children.
I am currently in chil doing volunteer work which will be ending shortly so I am more than willing to travel to any location for an interview and, indeed, will have absolutely no issue with moving completely for the right position.
- CV and references available upon request
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Video Editing